Working group


IMPACT focuses on the provision of patent information globally:

 ►   data quality

 ►   availability

 ►   timeliness

 ►   user-friendly access


IMPACT was founded in 1980 as a response to:

  • Difficulties with documentation aspects of the new patent systems like EPC and PCT introduction of new IT systems
  • Necessity of building up channels of communication with the national/regional offices


The successful way of working is based on:

  • A "round table-strategy" to tackle the issues involving all the relevant partners – EPO, WIPO, national offices (DE, ES, FR, RU, SE), EPI  (patent attorneys), main vendors and hosts like CAS, Questel, STN and Thomson Reuters together with industry
  • Wide range of professions: from information specialists to patent attorneys
  • Long-term staying power in pursuing "actions" to tackle specific issues
  • Participation in the most important meetings and conferences organized by EPO, WIPO, national offices and providers to establish a far reaching network


The scope and focus of the PDG Working Group IMPACT is as follows:

  • Actively work with patent authorities, WIPO, relevant organizations such as epi (European Patent Institute), national and international user groups and relevant commercial producers with respect to raw data quality, availability, reliability and consistency


Recently, the main topics of the group are:

  • Worldwide legal status data: access, standardization and cooperation
  • Coverage of patent information from Asia, Latin America and Arabian countries
  • PCT cases entering the national and regional phase
  • IP 5 activities
  • WIPO as standardization, classification and publishing authority

The group meets twice a year (spring, autumn) at one of the participating organization