Corporate Membership is open globally to companies and organizations engaged in industrial research having information professionals. However, the PDG is a European association using European meeting times and locations. Membership is by election through the existing Member Companies. Members are usually significant players in their own industrial sector and have a major presence or at least an affiliated company in Europe. The PDG corporate membership includes many well-known blue chip companies with a strong R&D focus, representing all major areas of technology. Member Companies, through their Main Delegates or other interested staff, are expected to participate actively in at least one of the PDG Working Groups and / or other activities, for example by contributing to discussions, participating in tool testing and evaluations, sharing/presenting (non-confidential or anonymised) best practices/issues/etc. from their company, or hosting meetings. Notwithstanding normal commercial confidentiality and antitrust guidelines, all Member Companies are encouraged and expected to collaborate with other Member Companies within the framework of PDG activities.

See below the advantages and conditions in a nutshell, and also the detailed list of advantages and benefits of PDG Membership

PDG - Partnering in Patent Information
Highly respected and dedicated association
Participation in PDG activities
Networking opportunities
Discussions with patent offices and information providers
Exchange of experiences
All interactions based on trust
Corporate membership only (not for individuals)
Open to companies actively engaged in industrial R&D
Members must have an active patent and/or patent information department and have professional staff engaged in patent information activities.
The applicant company should have a sizeable, current patent portfolio
Members are expected to participate in the work of the PDG
Annual fee for corporate membership is currently € 1500
My company would be interested in becoming PDG member
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For any questions/further information, please contact the PDG Secretary General

Bettina de Jong
PDG Secretary General