Advantages and Benefits of PDG Membership

  • PDG membership is made up of top tier innovation-driven companies from a wide range of technology areas, often the leaders in their fields. Participation supports member companies' reputation as industry leaders in IP.

  • The PDG is a highly respected and dedicated industrial association committed to the advancement of Intellectual Property Information.

  • PDG Members benefit from participation in the activities of the PDG’s Working Groups A&V, IMPACT, R&E or the PDV (see more information here) or by attending the PDG’s Annual Members’ Meeting.

  • The PDG Annual Meeting is a great opportunity for networking with peers and keeping up-to-date with the latest development in the profession.

  • The PDG working groups offer a great stage for networking with peers, learning, pursuing personal professional development and benchmarking.

  • The PDG working groups provide a platform for discussions with patent offices and information providers in order to better advocate our interests.

  • The PDG works closely with the EPO and the national patent offices and has an official observer status at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

  • The PDG is a key opinion leader with regard to patent information provision at the EPO and beyond.

  • The PDG liaises closely with other industrial information user groups such as CEPIUG, P-D-R, PIUG etc.

  • The PDG is represented in a wide range of publishers’ and other important advisory boards relating to patent information, including major conferences

  • PDG Members meet regularly with information providers and patent offices to initiate, discuss and advise on strategic issues.

  • The PDG supports and encourages information providers and, in particular, patent information providers to develop new products and improve their existing systems and services

  • All member interactions are based on trust, so that we do not discuss anything that would directly impact on the areas where our companies compete.

  • PDG members exchange experience about the use and value of new information resources and vendor reputations (within the limits of our anti-trust guidelines). In this way, we share our workload and save resources.

  • PDG members discuss staff roles and responsibilities, share practical insights, exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. All are connected to our daily work in patent information.

  • The wide range of activities and information exchange leads to a better understanding of industry trends and forecasts which help PDG members to make educated decisions and prepare strategic plans.

  • As a corporate member, you can send several delegates from your company to our meetings as well as getting individual access to the PDG website for your colleagues.

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