Advantages and Benefits of PDG Membership

  • PDG membership brings together leading innovative companies from various technology sectors, often at the forefront of their industries. Active involvement within the PDG enhances member companies' reputation as industry leaders in Intellectual Property.

  • The PDG is a highly respected and dedicated industrial association committed to the advancement of Intellectual Property Information globally.

  • PDG Members gain benefits through engagement in PDG's Working Groups A&V, IMPACT, R&E, or the PDV (further information found here) and the Task Forces Dig.IP and Customer Consultancy, or by participating in the PDG's Annual Members' Meeting.

  • Attending the PDG Annual Meeting presents an excellent chance to connect with colleagues and stay informed about the most recent developments in the field.

  • Participating in PDG's working groups and task forces opens doors to effective networking with peers, valuable learning opportunities, personal professional enhancement, and insightful industry benchmarking.

  • The PDG working groups and task forces offer a forum for exchanging views with patent offices, information providers and other associations in order to better advocate our interests.

  • The PDG maintains strong collaboration with the EPO and national patent offices, holding an official observer status at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

  • The PDG is a key opinion leader with regard to patent information provision for different stakeholders.

  • The PDG actively engages with other industrial information user groups, forming tight relationships with entities like CEPIUG, PIUG and IPLA and similar organisations.

  • PDG holds representation in diverse publishers' and significant advisory boards focused on patent information, encompassing major conferences as well.

  • PDG Members engage in frequent interactions with information providers and patent offices to initiate, discuss, and provide guidance on strategic concerns.

  • PDG actively encourages and guides information providers, especially those focused on patent information, to elevate their existing systems, services, and develop innovative new products.

  • Mutual trust underpins all member interactions, ensuring that discussions avoid any topics directly affecting areas of competitive overlap among our companies.

  • PDG members engage in the exchange of experiences about the use and value of new information resources and vendor reputations (within the limits of our antitrust guidelines). In this way, we share our workload and save resources.

  • PDG members engage in conversations about organisational setups, staff roles and responsibilities, share practical insights, exchange knowledge, experience and concepts. All seamlessly linked to our everyday involvement in patent information.

  • Participating in a diverse array of activities and exchanging information fosters a more profound insight into industry trends and forecasts, equipping PDG members to make well-judged decisions and formulate strategic schemes.

  • Corporate members have the option to nominate several delegates from their organisation to attend our meetings, in addition to securing personalised access to the PDG website and Wiki for their entire team.

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