Liaison (from WG R&E)

PDG Liaison to ISBQPIP

Education & Training was founded during the PDG Annual Members’ Conference in 2005 as a sub-working group of WG Online (now R&E). At its inception a major objective was to define the requirements for skilled patent information searchers. These requirements still are intended to serve as an input for educational institutes to provide training programmes for new entrants in the profession leading to examination and certification. In 2016 the role of the chairperson was changed into a liaison one. Her or his aim was defined to help support the establishment of an organization to certify qualified patent information professionals (QPIP). This aim has been achieved in the meantime (foundation of ISBQPIP in August 2018, see ). The liaison is responsible to report to the board and the annual members’ conference on the perspectives and developments of ISBQPIP and to feed back on any educational requirements and opportunities discussed there.