PDG Board and Working Groups

The Board is the executive authority of the PDG and defines its course of action. It is obliged to implement the decisions of the Members' Conference and is responsible for the smooth operation of the PDG in general. The Board has a minimum of five and a maximum of nine members, who are elected by the Main Delegates for a term of four years, which can be extended once. The Board elects a President and a Vice-President from its members. The day-to-day management of the office of the PDG is done by the Secretary General.

The majority of the activities is taking place in the Working Groups and the Task Forces that fall under these working groups. The Working Group Chairs are appointed by the Board for an unlimited term (i.e. until they resign). 



PDG - Partnering in Patent Information

Thorsten Zank

President (Liaison to other organisations)

Birte Blichenberg

Vice-President (Expert communities)

Bernd Wolter

Board Member (PDG member engagement)

Lisbeth Gauguin

Board member (Best practice sharing)

Frank Morgenroth

Board Member (Scouting new tools)

Dan Carter

Board member (Social Media)

Monika Bruckmann

Chair Working Group PDV

Frédérique Klein

Chair Working Group R&E

Catherine Schuurman-Coutron

Chair Working Group A&V

Torsten Gerber

Chair working group IMPACT

Jonas Hardt

Chair Task Force Dig.IP

Birte Blichenberg

Chair Customer Consultancy Task Force

Bettina de Jong

PDG Secretary General

All Board members and Working Group chairs perform their PDG activities beside their normal duties at their employers. They are motivated by the collaboration with colleagues from other companies and by the learning experiences that the PDG activities offer.